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2019 is about you


 What will the year hold for you, for us?  Some things we have discovered over the past 12 months.

  • We've learned more about movement and ways to train our participants better.
  • We've done lots of research on the use of CBDs for inflammation and pain control  (lots more to come on this topic).
  • We are planning on launching a nutritional component to our training options (June time frame)
  • We've incorporated technology into our training plans, getting our clients better results.


Let's Talk Pain and Inflammation

With so many people suffering from both acute and chronic issues isn't it about time we started taking about the benefits of cannabis products?  Coming soon an entire section on this subject.

Classes & Programs

New for 2019

We've been focused working with Personal Training clients recently, which has been amazing, however we miss our classes.  On the agenda; more informational workshops, more guest speakers and how about an Olympic Weightlifting class?

Out In the Community

Want to catch a class?  You can find us out in the community teaching @ Fit Your Way in Duncan  and GoodLife Fitness in Victoria.  Interested in giving these facilities a try?  Send us a note and we will hook you up.

Workplace Wellness

Are you a business who is interested in giving your employees an opportunity to work towards the  health and wellness they deserve?  Are you keen to start a work place based program, but are unsure where to start?  

This is something we are very passionate about and would love the opportunity to talk to you about how we can work with you.

Masters Athletes

Are you a Masters Athlete?  Over the age of 30 (for most sports)? Thought about getting back into a sport your loved, want to try a new one?  Stay tuned for our 'Becoming a Masters Athlete' information session.  Can't wait - contact us for details.

We All Start Somewhere

The Information You Want

We search high and wide for information to share with you.  We make sure the details contained are true and are backed by research and science.  We won't share an exercise or theory with you that we haven't tried ourselves.  Follow us on Facebook and our Blog (link below).  Want to see specific content, let us know!

Classes & Events

Click here to be taken to our Mobility, Fitness, Health and Exercise classes and workshops.  You'll also find scheduled events for those Professional Services that we work with.

Getting Started With Us

Not sure if we can help you reach your goals?  We start every relationship with a consultation.  We want to get to know you a bit - that's just the way we are.  Scroll down to get in touch with us quickly and easily.  There is no fee for this service.


About Us

What We Are

Body Centric is simply a health and wellness service dedicated to helping individuals get on with doing what they want to do on their terms. That could be starting an exercise program or achieving a higher level of fitness,  train more effectively or recover better and quicker from injury or setback.

We are coaches, trainers and motivators with your best interests in mind.  

How We Are Different

Body Centric is the product of one  Mobility, Strength and Movement Nerd who believes that the one size fits all approach to living a better life is just not working.  Though she is a certified Fitness Professional, she also recognized that there would be vast amounts of knowledge and expertise required to properly service the needs of her clients.  So she took a different approach; harness a network of professionals and  collectively supply a holistic and overall better solution.

Our services are not here to replace those of Doctors, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Athletic Therapists and other Specialized Practitioners and Trainers.  In fact, these Professional Services are accessable through us.

We can develop a plan or approach that will allow you to realize your goals, or we can implement a prescription with you.  If we can not find a solution that is suitable for you, we'll make a referral through our network to someone who can.

We will not make you sign a long term contract, nor will you need to purchase a membership.

Will will keep you focused, accountable and achieving results.


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Drop us a line or give us a call.  We'll answer your questions and set up a time to meet.  We service clients throughout Central & South Vancouver Island.

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