What does your ideal client look like?

  • Its not the 'look', age, ability that makes someone a great fit for us.  It's their desire to change something about themselves that distinguishes our clients.  Whether it is getting into better physical shape, returning to or starting a sport, a Masters Athlete or someone who is pre or post op - these folks all make up our clientele.  

I want to prepare for a bodybuilding contest, can you help?

  • Sorry but no, that's not really what we do.  If you find that your mobility is holding you back though and not allowing for full development, then yes, we can indeed help you with that.  If it's nutrition or a referral to a specific type of Personal Trainer, we can indeed help you there.

My Physio gave me some exercises but I'm not really getting much out of them and I don't like to do them, is this something you could work with me on ?

  • This is right up our alley.  We know that those prescription exercises might be a bit overwhelming and something you might not be motivated to do.  We will guide you through them, make it fun while we do it, get you moving and back to yourself quicker.  We do not charge for programming if you come to us with an exercise prescription, making this an affordable option.

I'd really like to loose some weight is this something you will help me do?

  • Body composition is top of mind for most people and here's the good news.  The more mobility and pain free range of motion you have, the better your muscles will function. The better you function the more lean functional  muscle you can develop.  The more of this good stuff you have, the higher your metabolism and the more calories you will burn.  So the answer is yes, we can help you with that.  We also do programming and Personal Training for specific goals such as weightloss.  We also have some great referrals to others who can be a part of this journey with you.

I don't really want to go to gym to use equipment, can I do my exercise and mobility at home or even outdoors in a park?

  • You sure can.  Though gym equipment and machines do serve their purpose, we prefer to have you working with tools that are not expensive and require that you have a gym membership.

I just want someone to design a program for me that I can follow on my own, can you do that for me?

  • Once again, the answer is yes.  We will meet, get to know your needs, put together a program, run through it with you so that you are comfortable with it and then check in and update as we agree.

I like to work out with a friend and sometimes do classes, is this possible? 

  • The nice thing about working with us is that we offer personal 1 on 1 training, small group and classes.  We can even come to your work place and provide wellness programs.

Will my insurance cover the cost of Mobility, Strength and Movement training and your services?

  • That depends on a couple of things a) what type of insurance you have, b) are you requiring our services because of an accident, c) have you been referred to us through a Health Care Provider who is treating you for an injury?  The best thing to do is have a chat with us and we will try to sort it out with you.

Is there funding for '|Work Place Wellness' programs?  

  • Great question!  Now that we know how important this is more companies are investing in their wellness programs.  Some companies have set aside in house funding, some corporate health insurance providers give incentives and savings for these programs.  There are several ways for companies to experience the benefits of workplace wellness and we are keen to help build better places to work.

How much do you charge?

  • There are many options and therefore different costs.  Our goal is to make our services accessible.  Group classes usually range from $12 to $15 per person, 1:1 personal training is between $30 to $85 per hour. Additionally there are service packages which may include workout programming, assessment and review.  If you are on a fixed income, a student or have other circumstance don't let the cost be the barrier to moving better, talk to us.