Us & You


What We Typically Do

 There is no one size fits all when it comes to the human body so our services are built for you.  We offer:

  • small group classes
  • one-on-one training 
  • workshops
  • corporate wellness 
  • in home/office training
  • work place classes and training
  • classes and training through; gyms, CrossFit, community & recreation centers, sport specific centers 

With your request, we work with Therapists, Doctors, Trainers and Coaches to develop and deliver targeted training programs specific to your needs.We will also program workouts for you designed to move you closer to your goals. 


Who Are You?

You might be that person who;

  • really wants to feel better physically but doesn't know where to start.
  • has a nagging injury or has yet to recover fully from a setback.
  • would like someone to guide and help you with your rehab process.
  • sees that mobility issues are holding you back from training effectively, getting stronger, moving better (hips, shoulders, ankles etc.).
  • recognizes that sitting at desk and driving are having adverse effects on your health.
  • wonders what you can change in your life that will allow you to sleep, feel and function better.


Are We Right For Each Other?

There is no set age or stage when you should pay attention to the quality of your life.  If there is something physically that is 'just not right' then you owe it to yourself to fix it.  That 'fix' need not absorb every waking moment or cost your life savings to achieve.  We are here to assist you in changing the outcome.  We work with all ages, levels and personalities.  Our only requirement is that you have the desire to change the way you feel.